Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Wren has been with us for almost 2 months now. She's definitely in and no longer a stranger.

Yesterday I was sitting with Lucas as he watched a claymation video. It had a series of short stories on it, the secong of which was a kind of prince and the pauper story. Twin princes are born, one is stolen and then raised in poverty unaware of his true identity. I was reading email on my laptop when sudden Lucas began wailing. The scene was on where a bad man steals one of the twin infants. Lucas began howling, "Baby! Baby!" and crying in fear. I held him til he calmed down and reassured him that the baby was alright.

He typically refers to Wren as "Baby" and gives her more kisses at bedtime than I get (tonight she got 3 and a snuggle then he finally got around to me). I about cried yesterday when I realized his response to the movie showed how deeply he already cared about his little sister. Whatever he thinks this tiny person is, he seems pretty protective of her.

I also love the fact he thought I was sooooooo hilarious today when I'd say "bump, bump, bubuduh bubduh bump" every time we went over a bumpy area on the road. He was cracking up. Bless him. I'm not really that funny but it sure is nice to have a fan.

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