Monday, July 16, 2007

Yesterday we took Lucas and Wren to see Ratatouille (which I recommend. It is a lovely film). Wren did a great job of being totally mesmerized then falling asleep. Lucas was excited and thrilled and loved the popcorn...and then the previews started. I never realized how loud and large they are. Poor Lucas's eyes became saucers and he began saying, "Outside! Outside!" We moved to the back of the theater, endured about 20 previews, and then finally the movie began. Lucas did a good job of sitting through the whole thing, and enjoyed a lot of it, but he seemed relieved when he could tell
us "Go potty!" so that someone would take him out of the theater to some place more familiar. I'm glad I saw the film but I don't think I'll put Lucas through that again til he's a bit older. Once again, I have a whole new perspective on the experience of movies (the big screen really is different from watching things on TV at home).

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Jack Manning said...

Mama can't wait for me to be old enough to go to the movies--she loves kids' films and needs someone to go with!