Thursday, October 18, 2007

8 months and counting

Wren deserves an update. She is so big and active now.

Wren, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
The way you chase me around the house and insist I pick you up (you should see the speed she crawls at!). The way you giggle when I tickle your feet or when Lucas makes funny noises. The way you head for the bathroom when you hear the bath water start. (I don't like the attraction you have to playing with Lucas's potty. We really need to talk about that). How happy you look every time the cat jumps up to be near me. The "yeah-yeah-yeah" and "ga-ga-ga" sounds you make as you converse with us and your toys. The way you grin and tilt your head to the side (yeah, you know how cute you are). The way you quickly crawl and cling to me as if life depended on it when Lucas barrels down the hall into your bedroom. I suppose I love the whole of your sweet snuggly self. I'm glad you are enjoying the world. It is nicer with you in it.

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