Monday, April 07, 2008


Mondays are our house are "Erica day," a very exciting event. Erica comes in the morning and watches the kids until mid-afternoon, ans she sometimes bringing along her lovely dog to grace our home. She (meaning Erica...and I suppose meaning the dog as well) lived with us for a month when she first moved to Seattle when Lucas was the age Wren is now. I like to think they've been tight ever since (Erica and Lucas...and I suppose meaning the dog and Lucas as well). However, Wren is pretty hooked on her now too. She hurries to her to gives her hugs when she arrives. This morning the little bird was sitting on my bed and I said to her, "Guess who is coming today? Erica!" And she quickly hopped off the bed and hurried to the door. Sadly, I'd said this about half an hour before our company had actually arrived so Wren had to hold onto her anticipation a bit longer. But look at that genuine smile in this pic. That's one happy kid.

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erica said...

thanks for your lovely post. i have grown to love lucas & wren days so much as well. --- not to forget cris days :-)