Sunday, November 02, 2008

words words words

I remember last year hearing Lucas, then 2, running around the house and chatting up a storm. At that time Wren was crawling, cooing baby. I remember thinking, "Wow. Next year this place is going to be really loud with 2 chatty running little people living with us." Well, now it is this year and, yes, we do have 2 chatty running little people living with us. They like to chase each other around, to copy what each other says, and yell "no!" and "mine!" at each other.

To help me remember some of the funnier things they say as my children steal my youth from me, I thought I'd share them here:

After a discussion at lunch btw Jeff and Lucas on how Thomas the Tank Engine likes to eat the same things Lucas does, Jeff said, "So you and Thomas have a lot in common." To which Lucas replied, "Yeah! And I have a lot in common with me too!"

Jeff then informed me that earlier that morning when Lucas was looking at himself in our vanity (which displays 3 reflections when angled right), he exclaimed, "Look! It's all my friends!" Jeff said he tried not to take it personally.

Wren has this funny habit right now of using a noun and her self-referent pronoun to let us know she wants certain clothing items on:
"Shoe me!"
"Hat me!"
"Bathing suit me!"

Which led to her asking me the other day to "Off boot me!" She got her point across.
Her favorite phrase of the month is "pumpkin patch." Every pumpkin is a "pumpkin patch." When she's been out of a room and then comes back to join us she proclaims, "I came home!"
Last night we went to a performance and after the 3rd song we had to take the kids out of the auditorium because in the pause between each song Wren insisted on shouting out, "All done! All done!"

She really has an amazing amount of sentences for being to little and I enjoy everyday of listening to her expand her vocabulary. It is as amazing as if I could see her grow in front of me.

My life is still super busy but my kids and I have hit a good groove and are relaxing into our fall days together. If you'd like to see more photos of us than you probably really want to go here.

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