Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The kids, up close and personal

I just have to show off our beautiful children... You really should click on the pictures and see them full size. So what's up with the family these days?

Wren's very chatty and has a new tea set and a Cabbage Patch doll from Nana she's quite into.

Lucas is busy with trains and rockets. I'm reading The Chronicles of Narnia to him--we're in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader currently.

I'll try to come up with transcripts of something clever or hilarious the kids say--they're a hoot--but like most parents we usually forget to write them down when they happen.

1 comment:

Jack and Alex Manning said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics.

I know - I have been trying really hard to keep track of Jack's hilarities... like when he said this week "Mommy, Alex and I are getting married. Do you want to come to our wedding?"