Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am grateful for the times I get out on my own and for the books I read besides picture books, but I am also very thankful for the daily conversations I have with Lucas that keep me solidly earthed in the simple things. So, he's doing pretty darn well with the potty training. Yesterday as he peed in the toilet I said to him, "That's all that milk you drank earlier coming out." He looked up at me and eagerly proclaimed, "Lemonade!" Clever boy.

A clever boy who is about to get a wake up call. Wren is officially crawling as of the past 2 days. It is slow, but she gets what she wants. Even before she was mobile Lucas spent half his day taking toys from her saying, "No Wren! Don't have that Wren." (We've been trying to teach him to trade if he insists on taking what she has but then yesterday I caught him somehow attempting to trade her a toy for something with an xacto blade in it. I've got to work on that child proofing again...).

Oh, and one more story. Lucas really is a good big brother. This week he's attempted to spoon feed Wren, push her in the swing, and comfort her in the car as she wailed on the way home to bed. ("It's okay Wren. Mama take care you, Wren.") And, melt my heart, he told me "Love you!" for the first time out of the blue at the play ground on Sunday. Sweetie.

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hrd said...

Wren is crawling already?.. uncle H. :-)