Sunday, August 05, 2007

six months

Wren will be six months old this coming week. She's sitting up all by herself, getting up on her hands and knees and rocking, and managing to maneuver herself after toys. What happened? Last I looked she was sleeping in my arms while I was chasing after Lucas. Now there are two little people with abundant personality occupying my living room floor. Our days are filled with Lucas saying, "Here ya go Wren!" as he hands her toy after toy--soon followed by Wren's howls as Lucas decides to take back whatever toy she's picked up to suck on.

I was really hoping not to start her on solids til, oh, another week or two but Wren decided she was going to find a way to eat whether I wanted her too or not. So, she's now feasting on rice cereal and bananas and is eagerly anticipating her first taste of phad thai.


elle & josh said...

happy half-birthday, wren, you beautiful little lady!

love, aunt elle

amanda + daniel said...

so cute!