Tuesday, August 28, 2007

we almost didn't make it

So we went to the North Cascades on Friday. We arrive a bit later than planned and dark was creeping in while we scrambled to pitch our tent and feed the kids. Jeff gets the tent almost up, it is almost completely dark out, and Lucas suddenly realizes that sleeping in the woods in a tent might not be quite what he imagined. He bolts for the car begging to be let into his carseat and crying, "Go home! Go home!" Jeff pleads with him a bit and then finally heads over to take the tent down. As Jeff works on the tent, Lucas begins to explore the campsite. (Meanwhile I am eating the pureed peas and brown rice that Wren didn't finish because I am starving and in the midst of all of this there really is no time to fix big people food. I am also having to hold Wren because every time we set her down she crawls off and begins to stuff her face with pine needles). The tent is totally down and Lucas, thanks to his exploration and the encouragement of a neighboring camper, decides that maybe he'd be okay sleeping here and that hiking in the morning sounds cool. Jeff puts tent up again.

At this point we were all totally wiped out and went to sleep. Thankfully the kids slept great and the next day we got out and did a beautiful hike. Wren was happy to let us cart her along wherever we went and Lucas did a great job of hiking 3 miles in his Crocs (I promise, Lucas, I'll get you some decent shoes to hike in next summer).

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